Q: Ivy Problem: Very heavy ivy has taken over part of garden not one weed killer will touch it. has any one any ideas on how to kill it. -- James Howell Reply Ref:0830

Answer #1: Ivy Problem. You must use a "brush" herbicide such as Roundup. This is not the same as for grasses. Spray on a very sunny day, when no wind is blowing. -- Janice Murphy Comment

Answer #2: Ivy Problem. Perseverence and a multi pronged attack strategy is what is required to eradicate this noxious weed. Repeated application of weedkillers that claim to kill combined with digging up the roots will eventually kill the plant. Cutting grooves in remaining roots and stems and pouring in fluid is effective, better still putting some gel into slots can have a more lasting effect. -- Terry Ramsden  Comment

Answer #3: Ivy Problem. Springtime is best if spraying. The weedkiller is much more effective if you can get to it before the leaves darken and the waxy coating develops. -- Mark Edwards

Factoid -- Ivy causes almost $150 billion damage every year in the United States; it can destroy trees and decimate entire forrests -- Qz-'n-Az Oct 2012

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