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Base I/O Port Setting

Port Device Port Device 
200 to 20F Game port 300 to 30F NIC 
210 to 21F 310 to 31F NIC 
220 to 22F 320 to 32F Hard-disk controller (for PS/2 Model 30) 
230 to 23F Bus mouse 330 to 33F 
240 to 24F 340 to 34F 
250 to 25F 350 to 35F 
260 to 26F 360 to 36F 
270 to 27F LPT3 370 to 37F LPT2 
280 to 28F 380 to 38F 
290 to 29F 390 to 39F 
2A0 to 2AF 3A0 to 3AF 
2B0 to 2BF 3B0 to 3BF LPT1 
2C0 to 2CF 3C0 to 3CF EGA/VGA 
2D0 to 2DF 3D0 to 3DF CGA/MCGA (also EGA/VGA, color video modes) 
2E0 to 2EF 3E0 to 3EF 
2F0 to 2FF COM2 3F0 to 3FF Floppy-disk controller; COM1 



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