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Q: What is a GUID? and how can I stop spammers and spyware companies from sharing information about me -- Lorenzo O'Neil Reply  (Ref:1074)

Answer #1: What is a GUID?. I came across this definition the other day: Many advertisers and marketers assign each person A Global Unique Identifier to track, monitor and gather unique information on the user. When a person downloads and installs freeware or shareware programs that are Ad supported they are assigned a GUID and this information is then supplied to the Adware firm or firms that sponsor freeware/shareware . In many cases users are unaware that 3rd party software is also being installed or that information will be gathered about them and possibly sold on. -- anonymous1187 Comment 

Answer #2: Protecting your privacy online is extremely difficult when the sites we visit can easily insert software into our computers. Cookies are bad enough but there are ways of inserting a GUID (Global Unique Identifier) outwith the cookie area. Nowadays deleting your third party and tracking cookies is not enough, there are ways of creating undeletable and self-regenerating cookies. If you wish to stay ahead of the spammers and avoid excessive scrutiny it is essential to have good antivirus software installed and to update yourself every few months as to what the nasties are getting up to. It is no good assuming that the big organisations are not above such things remember that Sony was smuggling a hackers tool called a rootkit into customers machines when they downloaded films and music. -- Ed qznaz Comment

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