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Never pour grease down the drain

Q: Pouring food grease down drain...  -- when pouring food grease down kitchen drain, should you run hot or cold water while disposing of grease....or doesn't it matter if the water is hot or cold....thanks -- HOWARD BACHARACH Reply (Ref:0356)

Answer #1: It is always a mistake to pour grease down a drain.  Detergents will emulsify it but only if you are getting rid of a small amount such as remains in a pan after most of it has been poured into the trash can. -- essie2000 Comment

Answer #2:If you get a clogged drain use Drano Kitchen Crystals. These are only sold in the US, if you live in a place where they are not available you can buy an equivalent. The active ingredient is Caustic Soda or if you want the proper chemical name : Sodium Hydroxide.

Grease in drains is a major problem worldwide and costs hunreds of millions of dollars in plumbing bills. Plumbers love you for putting grease down drains it as it a major source of their income. -- qznaz Comment

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