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Help needed for grass stain problem

Q: Grass Stain. I need help on grass stain. My son slid in the grass with his Kaki pants. I've washed 3 times in cold water, each time applying "Spray N Wash" before laundering. The green is almost gone, but seems to be replaced by a brownish color. What can I do? Sue Hoskin -- "Jay/Sue"  Reply (Ref:0008)  

Answer #1: Grass Stain: Try Cascade or similar dry dishwasher soap. When my sons played sports I learned this and it worked every time. I even use it on my bathtub. It seems to have lost is sparkle or that clear coating that makes it easy to clean. When I use Cascade it gets cleaner and in 1/2 the time. Also Lave hand soap work well too. On grout in the tub and clothing stains but rinse it out so it doesn't lighten clothing. Good luck!  -- Chris --Comment 25 Mar 2010

Answer #2: Grass Stain: Hydrogen Peroxide will do the trick. Spot-apply then toss in the wash -- Belinda Comment

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