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Fly infestation in my home

Q: Flies!! Help!! This spring there seems to be a million Flies in my home. It is starting to feel like a B movie! I spray Raid at night, but by afternoon they are back. Any suggestions? -- zeig  Reply

Answer#1: Try this, it's worked for me. Boil a whole bulb of cut up garlic until it's soft. Put it into a gallon of water and add 1 tablespoon of biodegradable Detergent. Let it sit for a day, then strain and spray. Also, planting parsley around your roses will help keep aphids away -- Anon Comment

Answer#2; Look for a source such as a dead bird in your chimney, that was a problem we had. The unused chimney had been blocked for a while and a fly had obviously laid its eggs in the corpse -- Comment

Q: Fruit fly problem I heard on a TV. program about an easy 1 day remedy to take care of fruit flies in the kitchen, but cannot remember what it is. Does anyone know of anything? Please respond to -- The Oswalds Reply 

Answer#1 Query: Ref:0261 Fruit Fly Problem.  Don't know how old your question was but here goes; it works great for me. I  use equal parts liquid dish soap, water and apple cider vinegar. If the  problem is really bad you may want to increase the apple cider and decrease  the water. Hope this helps! -- Dawn Channer --  Comment 20 Oct 2002

Answer#2: Fruit Flies . Two things i have done that worked:
1. If you have wine in the house, pour a small amount in a short cup overnight, they will come to it and drown. (if you don't want to waste good wine on bugs).
2. same thing with a small amount of apple cider vinegar. Like i said this worked for me. -- Lisa Mayles
Comment 8/05/08

Q: Household Flies. Hi, I seem to have an "overabundance" of the pesky household fly both outside and inside my home. Of course, the fly swatter works when I can get them, but I believe I read somewhere that I can sit a bowl of water with dish liquid (or something) mixed in the water, and it will attract the flies and they will drown. Any suggestions? -- "Sue" Reply (Ref:0013)  

Q: More Flies... (ref 0013) hi its karyn here i'm hoping you had some feed back about your houses flies question we to have HUNDREDS of the little blighters if you had an answer that you think worked well could you please email to me thanks heaps -- karyn  smithclan Reply 

Q: Blackfly   Hello! I have some very nasty small black flies in my garden. they are wiping out my veggie patch, herbs, and even indoor plants. they are quite miniscule - about a quarter of the size of a match head, they run around on the soil and around the drainage holes in pots, and they slowly demolish the leaves somehow (maybe eggs?) while the plants get really sick and eventually die. (sniff sniff) As I have an organic garden I need a natural recipe - and could you please tell me what these beasts are? Many thanks for your help Krysten -- Krysten Leopardi Reply (Ref:0243-1602)

Q: FLIES! I too have Flies all over my house, starting in the basement. Is it possible that they have made a nest and it is open? Between myself and my family we have killed over one hundred flies in the past 2-3 days? Should we Call the exterminator or what other methods can we use??? HELP PLEASE! -- Julie Barber Reply  (Ref:0769-0702)

Q: Fruit flies? I seem to have an infestation of fruit flies in my kitchen that I can't get rid of. They reproduce around water, so I don't leave any standing, but they keep coming back. They also swarm around the cabinets, but there's nothing in there I can find that they seem to like. any suggestions on keeping them away? Thank you! Veronica Dougherty Reply (Ref:0370)

Q: Flies. Is there anything I can use to make the flies go away when I am making a bar-b-que? Thanks! -- Reply 

Q: Infestation of fruit flies. Its winter and we have fruit flies. anybody know how to get rid of them short of bombing the house? There is no food or fruit left out. -- Thomas Izbicki  Reply  

Q: Flies. How do you get rid of flies? I've got a family of them living in my house and can't seem to kill them. -- Running Mom Reply

Q: Damp and Mildew - Flies. The downstairs of my home is very damp. We do not have ventilation in the bathroom and it gets very damp and mildew. Since the spring, we have been swamped by these tiny flies that love the dampness of the bathroom and fly around the rest of the house also. Any hints as to how to get rid of them besides remodelling the bathroom?? -- Reply (Ref:0363)






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