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How to fix Dents in Carpets

Q: Heavy furniture dents in carpeting. How do I remove or reduce the dents left behind in wall-to-wall carpeting when heavy furniture is moved? -- Lacey14 Reply  (Ref:0186)

Answer #1: Steaming sometimes helps, also teasing out with a needle if you have the patience or time to do it. -- Anon Comment

Answer #2: The method we have found best is steaming and then to lift the nap with a small fork. Use a steamer or steam iron on a medium setting and hold it a couple of centimetres above the dent. If the carpet is very fine or you are worried about damaging it with the fork then steam and rub with your fingernails or a small coin. Some rugs and carpets are not colourfast so use the steamer or spray with caution. -- Ray and Denise Devizes Comment


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