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Crayon Marks

A Couple of Tips My mother taught me that if you use baking soda on a range top instead of harsh abrasives it is so much easier to clean. It also works on bathtubs. Also if your children like to draw on walls like mine, use Zippo lighter fluid on a dry cloth it works like a charm. I love your site it is under my favorites, You have a lot of helpful hints. Sincerely, -- Shelia Terry

Crayon On Walls   The only method I found that worked quickly and easily was to use white spirit (mineral spirits in the USA) and an only rag. It works a treat, but be careful on emulsion walls (it works best on vinyl and gloss). -- Ian Matthews 

Crayon on Walls  I haven't seen anyone say this one. Take a pad and just damp it and dip a little baking soda and rub and then clean off with clean water and that's  -- Diane

Crayon Marks on Walls To remove crayon marks from your walls, heat it with a hair dryer for a few seconds, then wipe with a soft cloth. The wax of the crayon melts and will wipe right off. -- KKristinLM


Crayons on the wall I was talking to my neighbor about how my 3-year-old twins decided to draw all over their room - top to bottom, with crayons.  She said that she saw a woman on TV. who used WD-40 and then cleaned it up with soap and water.  So I figured I'd try - it was that or sand down the whole room and paint.  I was AMAZED!!  The crayon came off with minimal elbow grease!!!! and I mean there was A LOT of crayon on the wall - ALL GONE!  My problem afterwards was the greasiness from the WD-40.  Although the woman had suggested soap and water, I used a spray grease cutter and that worked well.  Dishwasher detergent may also work, anything that is  a grease cutter.  -- "MLNeathery"   

Household Hints. For crayon on walls, use WD-40. It removes it immediately, but if you use it on a flat paint it will leave a greasy line that can easily be washed off with soap and water. -- Kelly Jimenez

To remove Crayon from walls  Use Goo  Gone it worked like magic! I then followed up with household cleaner safe for painted surfaces. -- "markcc"


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