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Cracked Windshield

Q: Cracked windshield. I've got a foot long crack in a car windshield. It doesn't hinder my view and I'd like to just prevent it from spreading if I can. The car really isn't worth a new one. Thanks for any advice -- Jene Vanzants Reply(Ref:0102)


Answer #1: Mark your spot with a felt tip, then make a small well from putty over the marked spot. Fill this well with a touch of light oil. Drill slowly using a carbide tipped drill bit. The oil keeps the drill bit cool and makes the job that little bit easier. If you are drilling through glazed tiles it helps if you use a masonry nail to score the point of drilling. The bit will not slip off the glazed surface. Finally, if you have drilled a hole through a glazed tile and inserted a raw plug, make sure the plug passes through the tile before you insert the screw. This way the tile will not crack. Happy DIYing -- Alan Brighton Comment 

Answer #2: If you are drilling ceramic tiles or other glazed surfaces I find that it is best to mark the spot to be drilled with clear adhesive tape. This helps hold the drill in place. Never use a hammer action drill. -- Robert H Fahey Comment

Answer #3: Amazon has a useful selection of windscreen repair kits. -- Bill's Bodyshop Heston Comment

Answer #4: Drilling a small hole just beyond the ends of the crack will do the trick, you will then need to fill the holes with a transparent glue. You used to be able to buy kits containing clear epoxy and full instructions. -- DE. Comment

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