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Prevent and Cure Color Bleed

Q: Color Bleed Hello there! What a fantastic site idea!  My mom used vinegar and salt to set colors in a shirt that is both red and white. However, when she washed it the colors still bled, red onto white, of course. How do you get the red off of the white? And is there a way not to have to do that with each washing? Thanks! -- Ruth Reply (Ruth Emonts) (Ref:0538)

Answer #1: "Dye Magnets" a compound that you add to your wash to prevent run. Does anyone know where it can be bought. Reilly Comment

Answer #2: Carbona (www.carbona.com) makes products that will both prevent color bleed and will remove it after the event. Their Color Grabber re-usable cloth can be used up to 30 times, their Color Run Remover is a bit more expensive but is gets bood reviews. Ed Qznaz Comment

Answer #3: A scoopfull of oxygen bleach works really well and I have heard that vinegar works too, a cupful of vinegar will kill smells and help keep your machine clean as well. Christine Deutch Comment

Q: Shirts that bled together.  Hi, My daughter washed a brand new white shirt with a brand new maroon shirt. The white shirt is now pink. Can I soak it in anything? Please help!!!!!! Thank you -- Tim Reply  (Ref:0124)

Answer #1: Dye Leakage --New maroon shirt turned white shirt pink. I found a product called "Awesome" at the "Dollar Store". It removed the red streaks on a white shirt that I washed with a dark colored shirt. It also removes mildew, glue, gum, sap on my convertible car top, etc. It is truly AWESOME!!! -- Paula Reply 

Answer #2: Dye Leakage A product called dye magnets can stop the dye in the water tinting or fading other garments. -- Annie Mac 

Answer #3:  Dye Leakage. If the problem is not too bad then colour-safe bleaches can help. In your case, since it is a white shirt it should be possible to use an oxy bleach product. - qznaz

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