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Clogged Drain Problem

Q: Clogged Drain. I have a bathroom sink that has a clogged drain. I removed the u-joint and cleaned from the sink to the wall, but can't get any further than that. I don't have access to the pipe, as it leads in my water heater closet and the water heater is mounted directly in front of it the pipe in question. What are the in's and out's of using acid in a drain? Any response would be most appreciated!!! -- "Cherie" Reply  (Ref:0094)

Answer #1: Caustic Soda is useful for clearing blocked drains. Remember it is very damaging to skin and causes severe burns. Add the soda to water not the other way round. The hydrogen gas that results from reactions is flammable. Do you still want to try it?? -- DE. 

Q: Clogged drains I'm looking for a safe home remedy to clean my sinks and tub. Any ideas? "Lisa Donati" Reply (Ref:0675)

A: Safe Home Remedy . If you are looking for safer products products for your home i have what you are looking for. We have a product that cleans really really well. I was amazed the first time I used the product and it is safe for you and your family , and environment. It also smells great not like the harsh chemical smell.-- Tonya Comment or call 828-584-2573.

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