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Cleaning Silver the easy way

Hint for cleaning silver - Do you have a formula for cleaning silver using baking soda and foil. Thank You Dee R. -- Dee Riechman" Reply  (Ref:0120)

Answer Ref: 0120  Several books on tips describe this method. All that is required is aluminum foil, an insulating container, water and sodium bicarbonate or salt -- GED

Answer #2: Cleaning Silver. CAUTION There is a method of cleaning silver with baking soda and tin foil but it will "skin" your silver by removing the patina that gives old silver it's mellow look ................ it will also instantly remove gold wash if there is any ............... I found this out the hard way ............ I highly recommend Wright's siver cream ........................ and if necessary a lil elbo grease...... 'memkat' Comment

Caution: The process removes a layer of metal so this method should not be used on sliver plated, antique or valuable items, it will remove gold plating very quickly. Ed

Q: Polishing brass, etc -  I have heard of a method of dipping tarnished copper, brass or silver in a mixture of baking soda, hot water and something else in a container lined with aluminum foil. Does anybody know the rest of this method or any other easy, effective one?  Sincerely,   -- Roxanne Smith Reply   (Ref:0105)

Answer Ref: 0105 Dear Roxanne, The missing ingredient for cleaning tarnished copper, silver or brass is salt -- Anon  

Caution: The process removes a layer of metal so this method should not be used on antique or valuable items, it will remove gold plating very quickly. Ed

Q: Cleaning Silver -- It seems to me I've read that silver items such as bracelets, silverware and smaller items can be effectively cleaned by boiling them in a solution of water and something. I tried vinegar but that didn't work. Do you know anything about this? Many thanks -- Alan S. Lindquist Reply  

A: I read in one of the books I have that boiling briefly in borax and leaving for a time (caution slightly toxic) can clean silver -- Comment   

Q: Dirty Silverware Hi, We have a set of silverware that has been in our family for many years. We would like to use the silverware tomorrow for dinner guests, but don't know how to clean it. We can't use anything toxic because obviously we will be using these utensils to eat with! I know you said to boil it with Borax, but we don't have that, and I was wondering if there was any household items to clean silver, such as lemon juice, vinegar,  etc.?  (Ref:0117)

Answer#1  Lemon juice works quite well because of the acids in it, but its slow. 

Answer#2 Silver Polish. - I have found tooth paste makes a really good silver polish, just use a little on a soft cloth -- Hellen Barclay 23 Jul 2010

Q: Cleaning Silverware  What will happen if I put silverware into the dishwasher? -- AngieX Reply

Q: Cleaning silver I saw on a talk show that you could clean silver using "water softener." I can't remember if there is anything else or what the recipe would be. Has anyone else hear of this. Mary Ann -- The Hale's  Reply (Ref:0732) 

Q: Cleaning Silver plate. I have heard that there is an easy way to clean silver plate. It seems you heat water, in an aluminum pot and add SOMETHING? and then VERY quickly dip your silver plate and remove to dry. Does anyone out there know what the "SOMETHING" is? -- Mary Brown Trevor Brown  Reply  (Ref:0148) 

A: To Clean Silver Plate. 1 Tablespoon salt, and 1 Teaspoon baking soda to a gal of hot water in an aluminum pot should clean it. Good luck! -- Reply. Sep 27 2006

Q: Polishing silver. Is there a way to polish my silver without the store bought stuff? -- Josh & Josh Reply (Ref:0473)

Q: Silver Cleaning.  Is there some simple way to clean silver cups without using silver polish?  -- AF March   Reply  (Ref:0387)

Q: Sterling silver. Do you have a trick for polishing sterling silver without using "polish"? Thanks! -- FB Kalbrosk   Reply (Ref:0063)



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