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Cleaning Lenses

Q: TV How and what do I use to clean the lenses on a RCA 61 inch projection TV? Thanks. -- Steve Price Reply Ref:0040

Answer 1: Your local optician or photographic supplies outlet will sell you 'microfiber' cloths designed for cleaning coated lenses. -- Regards Davina Martin Comment

Answer #2: Lens cleaner fluid from Amazon is my preference, but you must also have the right cloth and I use small pieces of cotton cut from an old shirt. Amazon and Ebay both sell optical wipes which come in packs of up to 200 wipes. -- Rebecca S Comment

Answer #3: Warning never use normal tissues for wiping expensive lenses, they can have abrasive properties. Stck to optical wipes from a reliable source. The lens cleaning fluid is usually Isopropyl Alcohol which is safe on plastics, but avoid the industrial grade cleaning fluids including acetone. -- Anonymous Comment

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