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Cleaning an Antique Quilt

Q: Dirty Quilt. Antique family quilt has several old ink stains where my daughter forgot to cap her pen. At the time, I thought immediate cold water wash would remove. Unfortunately after a while I gave up. Any ideas? Also another quilt with stains where my son got sick with runs? We were overseas at time and I was truly afraid to take to drycleaners for fear it would be stolen by way of someone saying it was lost. Thanks -- Patti Reply

Answer #1: Stain Devils are now available in the USA. There is one specifically designed for ball pen, felt tip and conventional ink stains. Ask at your hardware store -- Anon 

Answer #2:I have heard a mixture of fresh lemon juice and salt rubbed on spots and placed in sun will bleach out yellow in old stains. This information from my wise Aunt Sue. I would try it first on just one small area and see how it does. -- Good Luck, Patti Seizetheday 


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