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Cat Pee Smell

Q: Cat Pee Smell. My male cat peed in my luggage. Can I get the smell out or should I throw the luggage away? -- Shelly Comox BC Canada Reply   (Ref:0399)

Answer: Cat Pee Smell This is for anyone that has a problem with pet stains and odors - even skunk. "Nature's Miracle" is fantastic!! It can be bought at Pet Smart. It is to be used full strength. It's rather expensive, but it does the trick. We have a dog and has been great for the occasional accident so don't know how well it would work on cat pee. But, it did work on removing the skunk odor from our deck and shrubs that got sprayed one night. It's really terrific stuff!! -- Mary Frankenfield Comment

Answer #2: Oxfresh and Anti-Icky-Poo (AIP) are other similar products. See also the answer to another query - Cat Soiling my son's bed

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