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Burned on chicken

Q: Burnt Chicken Residue. I have burned chicken in my T-Fal no stick skillet. How do I clean the burned residue from the skillet?  -- Reply (Ref:0126)

Answer #1: Burnt Chicken Residue Try leaving overnite with a biological washing powder solution. Remember to rinse well before using the pan again. -- essie2000 Comment

Answer #2: Boiling with water with a cup of vinegar did it for me -- Basma Ismail Comment

Answer #3: Baking soda solution, water and time. If it is really bad leave overnight and remember to use the right method of cleaning afterwards, metal scouring pads are, needless to say out of the question. A stiff plastic brush or plastic scouring pad or even a wooden spatula can work after the residue has been softened up. For really bad patches use baking soda paste. -- Rose Hewett Comment

Answer # 3: Boil up some dish soap if it is not too bad, otherwise the baking soda trick works well. If using Oven cleaner exercise caution if the pan is aluminum RB Phoenix Comment

Comment: Frying Chicken is best done in a cast Iron skillet. My best birthday present ever from my husband was large pan from Le Creuset. -- Melanie Kutz Comment

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