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Burn Marks

From Iron burns to cigarette burns on car upholstery -

Q: Burn mark how can i remove a burnt mark on a blouse -- Reply (Ref:0945-0311)

A: Burn Mark: I'm known as someone who can fix anything, but, there are limits. If some spot is unfixable, I use iron on patches. Cut the burnt place out, cut a patch from someplace & put the patch around the hole & Viola! it's gone. Depends on the place, of course, the fabric. Can you sew it into a dart or a seam? Can you put a decorative patch on the area? See it as a challenge. Can the area be cut off & made into a shorter garment, or have shorter sleeves. Hope this gives you some imaginative ideas. b -- bobbi koch   Reply

A: Burn Stains. Light burn marks can be removed by placing a dampened cloth with vinegar over the stain. Iron with hottest setting possible for the fabric. For white cotton, cover the stain with a dampened cloth of a water/peroxide solution and press a hot iron over the cloth. -- Clara' Sep 10 2006

 Q:  Iron burn on carpet Help. I have burnt a mark on my carpet with the iron, is there any way to get it out. -- Reply  (Ref:0054)

Q: Clothes Burned in House Fire I am trying to salvage clothes that have been burned in a house fire. There are actual singe marks on the clothes but other than that they are fine (especially blue jeans and khakis). I have washed them with detergent and white vinegar to remove the odor but I don't know what to do about the burn marks on the clothes. Any suggestions? -- Pat Edgerton Reply

A: Clothes Burned in House Fire Just saw this post on the site, so I'm not sure if this is timely or not. To get smoke smell out (or skunk smell,) I have found that the only thing that works is taking clothes, etc to a dry cleaner that has an "ozone room." They do not dry clean the clothes -- they put them in a room with these hydrocarbons (or fluorocarbons, not sure which it is) and it removes the smell. This is the only thing that worked for me when a skunk got in the basement of a rental home & sprayed. Reply    17 Feb 2004

Unanswered Questions - Go on you CAN help..

Q: Iron Burn.  I had the iron on too hot and burnt the fabric of my top. The fabric is 100% Nylon. I now have a shiny iron imprint on my top - it is not a really dark burn mark though. Can you suggest a way I might be able to remove or fade the burn?? -- M.Milton  Reply  (Ref:0464)

Q: Burn marks on clothing I was ironing one of my black skirts, and the iron was a little bit too hot, and it has left a big iron mark. Has anyone got any ideas as how to get iron marks off clothing, as it is a brand new skirt, Thank you, your help would be appreciated, Vicky Reply (Ref:0682

Q: Carpet Burn. Hi I have a burn mark from an iron on my Berber carpet any idea how I can fix it? -- Daoust Family Reply (Ref:1169-0104)

Q:Iron Burn  Hi my 2 year old took the iron and burnt the carpet and now I have a iron print on the carpet what do I do??? Thank you  Carpet victim  Klarece Reply  (Ref:1070-0104)

Q: Burn Mark. I left a mirror on the front seat of my car and the sun burnt the  leather/vinyl how do I remove this burn mark??? -- Patricia Krill  Reply (Ref:1186-0106)  

Q: Carpet Burn. HI, Please can you help me. I have managed to burn my bedroom carpet - right inside the door (so I cannot cover it with a rug) with the iron. Is there anything you can suggest to remove the burn mark - the shape of the iron! Many thanks. Julie Tattersall -- Reply (Ref:1233-0306)

Q: Burn marks in my car  i got cigarette burn markes on my cloth seat in my car, is their any way to repair it? -- Exboarder7 Reply  (Ref:0652)

Q: Cigarette Burn on Carpet  Help. I have a fag burn on my new carpet, is there any way I can get rid of  it? Many thanks -- Jayne Reply  (Ref:0985-0304)





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