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Nasty stuff comes from faucet

Q: Plumbing problems. I have a plumbing problem with the hot water faucet in my bathtub. When I first turn on hot water, a black soot like substance comes out for a few seconds staining the bottom of the tub (and feet if you happen to be showering). After a few seconds the water clears up. It only happens in the tub and to a smaller degree to the basin right next to the tub. Thought it might be the hot water heater but wouldn't it happen in all the other faucets in the house. Had a plumber who changed the stem in the faucet, but that didn't help. Talked to another plumber who had never heard of the problem and more or less told me to forget about it and rinse the tub. Unfortunately, after awhile, the stains on the tub remain on the tub. And besides that, it's obvious there's something wrong somewhere. Any ideas? Thanks. -- Virginia McLaury Reply  (Ref:0091)

Answer #1: We have never heard of this one before, Is it possible that there is some decaying organic matter in the hot water tank? -- george at pimlico plumbing Comment

Answer #2: Regarding your dirty bits in the bath (pardon the pun). The same thing happened to me and I found the heater tank was fairly old and had a high level of loose scale residue in the bottom. It really needs to be removed, emptied and flushed out. Failing this it may well be internally corroded pipe work in the areas near the tub - but it does sound like the longer job. Regards -- Alan - English Bob Comment

Answer #3: We had something similar when we had a new shower and pressure reducing valve fitted. I turned out to be the excess graphite grease used in the reducing valve. -- Trish MacDonald Comment

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