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Deterring birds from building nests in our eaves

Q: Birds building nest.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to prevent birds from building nest under and around the overhangs of the house and under decks from the upper level. We have tried hanging rubber snakes (does not work) and putting mothballs around, also did not work. This is a real problem for us, and the mess they cause on the walkways coming into the house. Thanks -- Allards Reply (Ref:0184)

Answer #1: You are lucky with birds nesting on house. In some countries it is considered very lucky. Droppings from birds is small price for beautiful creatures using a small part of your dwelling. -- carla u Comment

Answer #2: We had the same problem with our barn and we bought a replica Owl which worked very well. A friend suspends old CDs and DVDs. -- Dave Adams Comment

Note: In many countries it is illegal to destroy a native wild bird's nest, it is, however OK to get rid of it while it is being built or before eggs have been laid. In the US starlings, house sparrows and pigeons are exempt as they are non-native species. qznaz.com


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